Nature in the cities


At the Nature in cities Well evening event we discussed dystopia, utopia and the reality of nature in cities.

What are the urban rights of public access? What would a utopian union of nature and towns be like?

During the evening we heard three interesting presentations from architect Juho Manka, artist Kristiina Ljokkoi, Director of Cultural Affairs at the Union of Rural Education and Culture Helka Ketonen and literature researcher Saija Isomaa.

The subject was also discussed in small groups.

Date and location

Time: Thursday 19 March 2015

Location: Kone Foundation office, Tehtaankatu 21 B 49, 00150 Helsinki

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In her presentation Saija Isomaa discussed the dystopian encounters between nature and cities. What kinds of visions of the encounters between nature and human civilisation have been presented in fictional literature dystopias and how did these visions become even bleaker when we entered the 2000s? How has the future of large cities been traditionally envisaged and what does the pollution of nature bring about for the human race? 

Juho Manka described his mobile nature devices project in which he develops concepts for constructing nature generators in towns and cities.

Kristiina Ljokkoi and Helka Ketonen spoke about the Paikan tuntu (Identity of a place) project in which community and environmental art, exhibitions, environmental education and discussions are used to find answers to the question of what is a good and valuable living environment. How do places and spaces shape us and affect our minds? Is it possible to deepen our relationship with places through our own participation? What are the consequences of our choices and actions for our surroundings? How can we turn a soulless intermediate space or waste ground into a place that can provide wonderful experiences? 

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