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Multilingualism in Finland and in Russia

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Kone Foundation organises a networking event on sociolinguistic landscape and climate in Finland and Russia. What is it like to do scholarly or artistic work involving languages in Finland, Russia, or between the two countries? What are the prevailing attitudes towards monolingualism and multilingualism in theory and in practice? Is there anything in common in language and minority policies between the two countries? What is the position of old and new linguistic minorities?

The presenters will include postdoctoral researcher Konstantin Zamyatin (University of Helsinki), on language policy, university lecturer Ekaterina Protassova (University of Helsinki), on multilingualism in education, and artist Tristan Hamel, who will illustrate how language issues are relevant for his work. The purpose of the event is to network and to bring forth new ideas on the “Neighbours programme” which will follow the Language Programme.

Speakers, performers and organizers


konstantin_zamyatinKonstantin Zamyatin is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies, University of Helsinki. His scientific interests are in the fields of Finno-Ugrian studies, Russian and East-European studies, studies in ethnicity and nationalism, theories of language policy, sociolinguistics, sociology of language, linguistic rights and minority rights in international law.

Ekaterina Pekaterina_protassovarotassova is a Ph.D. in General Linguistics and Pedagogy, Docent in Russian Language, Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki, and Docent in Theory and History of Pedagogy, Russian Academy of Education. She has studied multilingualism in Russia and abroad, Russian-speaking diaspora in the world (especially in Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan), and the use of the modern Russian language and intercultural communication, and participated in numerous international projects upon bilingual education and language revitalization. She is widely publishing on related topics, both research papers and student manuals.


Tristan Hamel is an environmental artist with background in humanities. His artworks are varied in media and topics. Down River Vashka was a year-long project partially carried out in Komi Republic, Russia, with linguist Niko Partanen.

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17.00 Coffee
17.10 Welcoming words

17.15–17.30 Researcher Konstantin Zamyatin: Language policy in Russia
17.30–18.00 Discussion

18.00–18.15 University lecturer Ekaterina Protassova: Multilingualism in education
18.15–18.45 Discussion

18.45–19.00 Artist Tristan Hamel: Down River Vashka: From sociolinguistics to arts
19.00–19.30 Discussion

19.30–20.00 Final discussion and wine

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Date and location

Time: Thursday, April 7, 5–8 pm
Venue: Kone Foundation, Tehtaankatu 21 B, Helsinki

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We organised a networking event on sociolinguistic landscape and climate in Finland and Russia on 7 April. The presenters included postdoctoral researcher Konstantin Zamyatin, university lecturer Ekaterina Protassova, and artist Tristan Hamel.

Read Konstantin Zamyatin’s blog entry Bilingualism, multilingualism and our values

Read our project worker Ksenia Shagal’s blog entry Bringing linguistics to schools


Konstantin Zamyatin.



Ekaterina Protassova.



Tristan Hamel.



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