Moffice – a work day at the manor


Do you work at home or alone in a studio? Would you like to try working in a shared facility with others? Come and try out the Lauttasaari Manor’s Moffice Fridays – in addition to a work facility and net connection, we can offer coffee, tea and shared breaks!
Photo: Neea Eloranta

Time and place: Friday, 1 November, from 9am to 4 pm., Lauttasaari Manor (Otavantie 10, Helsinki, obstacle-free entrance via Kauppaneuvoksentie)

The Kone Foundation provides grant holders with a communal workspace in the Lauttasaari Manor, usually on the first Friday of each month.

The room on the lower floor of the manor functions as a shared working space, in which each person does their own work. In terms of structure, the room is open-plan or multi-facility and is best suited to quiet work.

Work is done quietly for 45 minutes at a time, followed by a shared 15-minute break. Each work phase begins at a quarter past the hour and breaks are held on the hour, at which time participants can come and go. If you wish, you can therefore come for only part of the day – part way through the day until a break held on the hour, after which work will resume at a quarter past the hour.

Wifi, some desk spaces, and a few beanbags are available. For lunch you can visit THE CAFÉ PUHURI. The Manor will provide tea and coffee during the breaks.

What is a Moffice? Shared workspaces – hoffices, coffices and moffices – have become more common. Offices can be moved into someone’s home (hoffice), a café (coffice) or any other changeable place (moffice, in Lauttasaari, of course, manor + office). A moffice is a shared workspace, where the people working may not be previously acquainted or engaged in a joint project. The work is punctuated by breaks during which you can share your thoughts, problems and insights.

All grant recipients are warmly welcome to work in this common space – alone but together!

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