Grant advice



Are you wondering if your research or artistic work would interest Kone Foundation? Would you like to discuss how your project is proceeding? Are you a Kone Foundation grant recipient and need support with communications of your project? Sign up for Kone Foundation’s Grant advice and get the answers to the questions puzzling your mind!
Photo: Thomas Drouault / Unsplash

Time: Wednesday 26 August, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m

Grant applicants  and recipients can book a 20-minute appointment to discuss funding with Executive director Anna Talasniemi (grants for arts and culture), Director of Research Funding Kalle Korhonen (grants for research, artistic research and popularising research) or Grant Coordinator Silja Pasila (general questions related to grants). The appointments last for 20 minutes and they can be via telephone or Skype. 

Please note, that you must register for an appointment in order to participate. The appointment is only valid after we have confirmed it by email. We ask you to kindly book only one appointment so that more people can participate. We will call you when the appointment starts. 

Book an appointment here.