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Emigration – Is the Future Here Now

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Facilitating collaboration between academics and filmmakers

Hundreds of thousands of people came to Europe to seek refuge last year, in 2015. Metaphors like “flow of refugees” or “flood of asylum seekers” have been used, and all kinds of information and misinformation spread in the internet and in social media. But what are the ways to narrate the refugees, their voyages, and the causes that lead them to escape from their home countries? How does one narrate, to whom, and where? How could filmmakers and scholars, as well as other artists and journalists, collaborate and answer such questions?

The event will include a screening of movies on migration, and a seminar with short presentations and group discussions. The presenters who inspire discussion will include:

  • Hamy Ramezan, Finnish-Iranian movie director
  • Tapio Nykänen, social scientist from the University of Lapland, whose research project focuses on refugees in Northern Finland
  • Aino Korvensyrjä, whose project Welcome to Europe? combines academic research, art, instruction, and media activism
  • Inkeri Mellanen, public officer from the System of Assistance for Victims of Human Trafficking

The presentations are in Finnish. There is time for free networking, too, and who wishes to continue networking afterwards, can do so at the Kone Foundation Kamari in Helsinki on 30 March.

If you are interested in the event, and you don’t speak Finnish, please contact Mr. Manu Alakarhu ( by February 26. We will try to arrange an interpreter for you.


11–12 AM Registration
At the lobby of Workers’ Museum Werstas (Väinö Linnan aukio 8). The registered participants will receive a ticket for the Reality Check screening and a name tag.

12–14 Reality Check screening, Plevna 4
9 Days – From My Window in Aleppo, dir. Floor van der Meulen, Thomas Vroege, 2015, 13 mins., documentary
Die Hälfte der Welt, dir. Jerome Furrer, 2014, 19 mins., fiction
Ghosts, dir. Jan Ijäs, 2009, 15 mins., fiction
Gas Station, dir. Alessandro Palazzi, 2015, 10 mins., fiction
Ennemis interieurs, dir. Selim Azzazi, 2016, 28 mins., fiction
Extremists, dir. Adam Tyler, 9 mins., 2015, fiction

14–18 Presentations and discussions
Gallery Bertel (The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas), Väinö Linnan aukio 8

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Date and location

Thu 10 March, 2016, at 12–18

Movie theatre Plevna and The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Väinö Linnan aukio 8, Tampere

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Issa Touma. Photo: Tapio Nykänen


Aino Korvensyrjä. Photo: Tapio Nykänen


Suvi Tiainen and Inkeri Mellanen. Photo: Tapio Nykänen


Hamy Ramezan. Photo: Tapio Nykänen

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