Calendar | 19/02/2016

Can art be verbalised?

Add to my calendar 2016-02-19 2016-02-19 Europe/Helsinki Can art be verbalised? Can art be verbalised? Koneen Säätiö

At this year’s first Breakfast Well, art and verbalisation were discussed with Taina Riikonen, sound artist and researcher, and Tomi Humalisto, Professor of Lighting Design.

The topic of the discussion was whether art or artistic experiences can or should be verbalised. Some participants felt that art should be allowed to speak for itself in order for people to experience even the deeper levels, while others wished to have a starting point, something on which to base their own interpretations.

Taina Riikonen pointed out that description is never objective; an individual’s values are always present. In her opinion, however, a verbal description of a work of art is the first contact with the person listening and experiencing. It is a matter of communication between this person and the artist.

The perspective of the media was also discussed. Artists who know how to talk about their works are given more opportunities in the media.