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Breakfast Well: Posthumanism

The autumn's first Breakfast Well, held on Thursday 23 August at 9.30 am to 11 am, will examine posthumanism as an intellectual direction and discuss what the posthuman approach could mean in scientific research and artistic practise. Researcher Karoliina Lummaa and artist Kalle Hamm will discuss posthumanism in their own work. The discussion will be moderated by artist Terike Haapoja.
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Posthumanist thinking is based on theoretical directions and political movements that ponder the relations between people, animals, machines and the environment. It seeks alternative, hierarchy-free ways of understanding the characteristics of and relationships between different objects. The starting point is the idea of a human who is not defined in a contrasting, often violent relationship with the non-human. Humans are no longer the measure of all things. In terms of their intellectual, physical, psychological or social characteristics, they are not superior to non-human organisms or machines.

Karoliina Lummaa and Professor Lea Rojola have stated that: “Posthumanism is a diverse, contradictory combination, based on technological development, of belief in the future, human self-doubt, connections identified with non-human animals and the destruction of such connections in the face of ecocatastrophe, and hope for genetic or mechanical cures or even immortality.”

People’s relationship with nature and the environment have been highlighted in the awarded grants and various activities of Kone Foundation. For example, the Robot Academy series (2016) and Algorithmic Life event (2017) focused on the relationships between humans and machines from the anthropological and technological viewpoints.

The Breakfast Well is a series of discussions held by the Foundation, in which invited guests open a discussion over breakfast. All participants are warmly encouraged to participate in the discussion. There will be an opportunity for networking at the end of the event.


Kalle Hamm is a visual artist who has been working with plants since 2005. Hamm believes that plants should be viewed as actors that are equal to humans, while acknowledging their importance as an enabler of life on Earth. The Saari Residence published the book Immigrant Garden by Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger in 2017. The work tells about the arrival of 32 invasive species in the Saari Residence’s grounds in Mietoinen, Southwest Finland. Formed by Hamm, Band of Weeds creates audio compilations of electromagnetic signals recorded from plants. The band also performs live.

Hamm has participated in several Finnish and international exhibitions. He has worked as a lead instructor at the Taika Design and Art School and as a museum lecturer at Kiasma.

Karoliina Lummaa’s background lies in the study of eco-critical poetry. From 2017 to 2018, she is working on the ‘Messy Worlds’ (Sotkuiset maailmat) project led by Professor Lea Rojola (University of Turku), exploring the cultural dimensions of the Anthropocene and the meanings of waste and surplus in contemporary Finnish literature. She also works in the multi-disciplinary, environmental research unit BIOS, where she focuses on developing humanistic environmental research methods.

Lummaa’s publications include research articles and co-edited anthologies of articles on posthumanism, ecocriticism, the study of poetry and multidisciplinary environmental research.

Terike Haapoja is an artist who works in New York and is known, among other accomplishments, for her artistic/scientific project, The History of Others, which was completed in cooperation with author and playwright Laura Gustafsson and explored world history from the perspective of animals. The project included exhibitions, seminars, texts and interventions. Haapoja represented Finland at the Nordic Pavilion of the Venice Biennial in 2013. She is also a member of the Kone Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

You don’t have to register for the event in advance. There is room for the first 40 participants, for whom a vegan breakfast will be available. The opening discussions will be in Finnish. For people with mobility challenges, the manor is accessible from the Kauppaneuvoksentie side.

You are warmly welcome!


Breakfast Well: Posthumanism: Thursday 23 August, 9.30–11.00 a.m., Lauttasaari Manor (Otavantie 10)