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Breakfast Well: Decolonisation

The theme of February is decolonisation. The Well is held on Thursday, Feb 15th from 9.30–11am.
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Children's Library Project. Photo: Abdellatif Kechiche

Breakfast Wells are about people from different fields meeting to share thoughts on different themes. At this Well, we will discuss decolonisation: which seemingly invisible power structures are present in our everyday? How to deconstruct them? Opening talks by Suvi West and Christopher Wessels will spark up some conversation.

Suvi West is a documentary film director who explores the history and future of the EU’s only indigenous people, the Sámi. Her documentary asks the question how to live life as a Sámi in Finland? In this interactive and dialogical Breakfast Well, Suvi will talk about her decolonial journey of becoming again an indigenous Sámi Filmmaker instead of being a filmmaker with a Sámi background. At the moment she is intrigued with the question how to decolonise her own ways thinking and telling stories with traditional Sámi methods.

Christopher Wessels is currently a curator with the Children’s Library Project at Åbo Akademi University. Christopher is also a founding member of Third Space (2014-2016), a collective of artists and curators in Helsinki. His artistic and curatorial practices look at the un-silencing of counter hegemonic narratives and the building of counter hegemonic institutions with anti-racism, anti-sexism, and class consciousness as its foundations. At the Well Christopher will be talking about his work in the Children’s Library Project and The Museum of Impossible Forms. The initial question he asks is, When does Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas go to the archive? He will be looking at how Children’s literature can be used as a proxy in committing epistemic disobedience and can act as a catalyst in re-thinking the canon.

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Date and location

Thursday February 15th, 9.30-11am.

Tehtaankatu 21 B 45, 5 floor, Helsinki.

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