Breakfast Well & ARMA Talks: Black Women’s Voices in Finland and Brazil


The spring's first Breakfast Well, held on Thursday 21 February at 9.00 am to 10.30 am, is organized together with ARMA Alliance. The event will discuss about the practices, challenges and opportunities for Black women to raise their voices in Finland and Brazil. The discussion will be started off by Lauttasaari Manor resident Silvana Bahia and journalist Monica Gathuo.
Kuva: Heljä Franssila

Time and place: Thursday, 21 February, from 9.00 am to 10.30 am, Lauttasaari Manor (Otavantie 10, Helsinki, obstacle-free entrance via Kauppaneuvoksentie)

At the next Breakfast Well, Lauttasaari Manor residency guest, Afro-Brazilian journalist, filmmaker, writer and activist Silvana Bahia (Director at Olabi/Pretalab) and journalist Monica Gathuo (ARMA Alliance) will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing black women in Finland and Brazil, as well as best practices when raising one’s voice in these vastly different cultures.

Among the topics they will discuss are: How have black women employed technology to get their voices heard and their message disseminated? How have they challenged misrepresentation and created new narratives both online and on the streets? How have they promoted solidarity and mobilized other marginalized voices? What similarities and differences do women of color experience in their fights for justice in countries on opposite sides of the planet?

Bahia and Gathuo’s talk reflects two key principles of ARMA: knowledge exchange and international networking in the fight against racism in the digital age. Researcher Leonardo Custódio (IASR-UTA, ARMA Alliance) will act as mediator and translator.

For more information about ARMA Alliance, please visit the website of ARMA Alliance. Follow ARMA Alliance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Silvana Bahia is the very first residency guest at Lauttasaari Manor. During her spring 2019 residency, Bahia works in close collaboration with Anti-Racism Media Activist Alliance (ARMA), run by journalist Monica Gathuo and researcher Leonardo Custódio.

The Breakfast Well is the Foundation’s series of breakfast discussions. Everyone is welcome to take part in the conversation, with each occasion ending in an opportunity for some networking. Vegan breakfasts are ordered for the first 40 participants. Book your place using the form below. The languages of the event will be Portuguese and English.

In Kone Foudations events, we take photographs that are used in foundation’s own communication channels, such as on the website and in the newsletter. If you hope you do not appear in the photos, please let us know ( on the next day following the event at the latest.

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