Saari Residence launches the Reviving the Wild podcast

Saari Residence’s new podcast series, Reviving the Wild, was born from our aspiration to deepen our understanding of the environment so that we and our resident artists may live more peacefully alongside the natural world and its inhabitants. 

Reviving the Wild is about returning to our roots to restore nature and ourselves. We hope these first two episodes will resonate with you and offer new ideas for connecting better with the non-human world around us.

Every year, dozens of artists from all fields of arts and all parts of the world travel to the Saari Residence in the countryside of Southwest Finland to focus on their artistic work and to exchange ideas and experiences with other residents. 

The Saari Residence aims to be a test platform for a future that is ecologically, socially and mentally sustainable. The Reviving the Wild podcast stems from the themes essential to the Residence’s daily ecological activities. 

For each episode, we invite experts whose work we appreciate and value to share their thoughts and knowledge with us about the topics we consider urgent and worth discussing. There will be altogether four episodes in the series, and here you can find the first two episodes.

The series is hosted by Miia Laine. The Saari Residence is maintained by Kone Foundation.


How can we treat non-human animals better?

Our relationship with other animals is often a question about value. Is it possible for us humans to create deeper connections with animals we have been exploiting for so long? Consider birds, for example, and all that has been done to them and with them.

In this episode, Miia Laine meets up with philosopher Elisa Aaltola and ecologist Mia Rönkä. The Saari Residence is located right next to Mietoistenlahti bay, a protected area that is well known among nature-lovers and birdwatchers. It’s also a place that wouldn’t currently thrive without human intervention.


Learning the language of the trees

Even though forests cover more than 75% of Finland’s land area, only 3% of Finnish forests are in a natural state. But what defines “naturalness”?

In this episode, Miia Laine takes a deep dive into trees and forests with arborist Riku Parkatti and archipelago-focused ecologist Panu Kunttu. They talk about the fragility of modern forests and the meaning of trees. What would our life in the cities be without them?

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