Taxation and grant certificate


Grants are tax exempt in Finland up to the amount equivalent to the Finnish state grants for artists (in 2021, € 23,668,35 per year).

The grantees do not send a tax deduction card to the Foundation. The Foundation does not make any tax deductions from the grants, even when the amount of funding already paid to the recipient within the same calendar year exceeds the maximum tax-exempt amount.

Kone Foundation notifies the Finnish tax authorities in January of the grants paid out during the previous year. The recipient of a grant must declare it in the tax declaration.

Please consult the tax administration on the deductibility of expenses like pension payments, literature acquisition costs or travel expenses. Further information of taxation matters regarding grants: Finnish Tax Administration,



In most cases, the grant approval letter is also a valid certificate of the grant.

If the grantee requires proof of the payment of the grant, you or the project leader can download a PDF certificate from the online grant service on the Payment request page for each grantee (Account info > little PDF icon below ‘Grant recipient’).


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