Residency guests 2012

Nicole Ahland

Nicole Ahland @ Pirre Naukkarinen

Visual artist

Darkness on trial: Developing a series of Finnish “resonating spaces”

Nicole Ahland is a German visual artist. The medium she works in is photography. Her major artistic theme is space and the central feature of her work is light. Light and emptiness play an important part in this respect.

“During my stay in the Saari Residence I would like, cautiously, to approach the place, its buildings and the rooms which are important to the people living there.

One might almost say that the natural light conditions of this region of Finland – particularly in winter – at the beginning of the year represent a challenge to me. I am extraordinarily intrigued by the twilight, the long absence of light, the stories and the atmosphere of the place and the compelling natural world around it. My aim would be to materialise these special light conditions and the history of the place – to visualise them.”

Nicole Ahland worked at the Saari Residence from January to February 2012.

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Oreet Ashery

Oreet Ashery

BA, MA, Honorary Fellow
To complete editing a film and to create a new performance for New Performance Festival (Turku, Finland)

Whilst in Saari, I am planning to spend time thinking and editing the footage from the film shoot Party for Freedom. The footage deals with left wing and right wing ideologies and their visual manifestations. I am hoping to also create some songs related to the footage.

Oreet Ashery worked at the Saari Residence from January to February 2012.

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Kätlin Kaldmaa

Kätlin Kaldmaa Photo: Arno Mikkor

Photo: Arno Mikkor


Writer, poet, translator
For writing of the novel “Ballad of the White House” (working title) which tells a story of a seaside village in Iceland through the eyes of women

Kätlin is an Estonian author, translator and journalist. She has published three collections of poetry (number 4, Rakkauden aakkoset, will be published in February 2012) and around 30 translations of authors like Jeanette Winterson, James Meek, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ali Smith, Gabriel Zaid etc.

In the Saari Residency she will be writing her first novel that takes place in Northern Iceland, the place she lost her heart to. In addition to that she is working on the translation of Madeleine Thien’s novel Dogs at the Perimeter and writing an introduction to the anthology of Estonian poetry which will be published in USA.

Kätlin Kaldmaa worked at the Saari Residence from January to February 2012.

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Timo-Juhani Kyllönen

Timo-Juhani Kyllönen

Composition of the children’s opera Èrase que era, el mundo (“Once Upon a Time, the World”)

At the Saari Residence, I will be composing for a children’s opera currently entitled Èrase que era, el mundo (“Once Upon a Time, the World,” libretto Maritza Núñez). The opera will première on October 4th, 2012 at the Teatro Británica in Lima, Peru. The theatre and opera house has also commissioned the work. The opera will be performed by both professional singers as well as by youths and children. They will be accompanied by a chamber orchestra.

I will also be finalizing my trumpet concerto Cadiz 2012 Op. 85, which has been commissioned by the Grand Teatro Falla in Cádiz, Spain. At the première of The Book of the Kings, an opera of mine in Spanish, I was chosen to be Grand Teatro Falla’s composer-in-residence (2009-2013).

I also intend to begin work on the family opera Norppaooppera (“The Seal Opera”) commissioned by the Savonlinna Opera Festival, which will première at Olavinlinna Castle in 2013.

Timo-Juhani Kyllönen worked at the Saari Residence from January to February 2012.

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Minna Leino

Minna Leino © Pirre Naukkarinen

Researcher, marine archaeologist

Work on a doctoral thesis

During the past few years, I have been studying the bottom of the Baltic Sea in my local waters in Suomenlinna. As a marine archaeologist, I am interested in studying the relationship between people and the sea. At the moment, I am preparing my doctoral thesis at the University of Helsinki as part of the international MARIS research program’s Baltic Sea region’s postgraduate group. At the Saari Residence, I hope to find the opportunity for intensive writing. My doctoral thesis discusses recycling from the point-of-view of a marine archaeologist, with a special interest in sunken ships. I am on a leave of absence from the National Board of Antiquities’ Archaeological Field Services and my research is made possible by a research grant from the Kone Foundation.

Minna Leino worked at the Saari Residence from January to February 2012.

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Kirsi Marie Liimatainen

Kirsi Marie Liimatainen © Pirre Naukkarinen


Screenwriting for the film “The Scream of the Butterfly” as well as development of the documentary project “Comrade, where are you today?”

The Scream of the Butterfly

It was the summer when 7-year-old Maria became an Indian, Uncle became Jesus, and when mum stopped loving dad and grandma left grandpa … That summer the grass turned pale, the wind flummoxed, and watching over it all was the sun of suns…

Pispala, a suburb of Tampere, in the late seventies in Finland. When the summer arrives, a dangerous light reveals everything that had been covered by the long winter’s snow. During one scorching summer, 7-year-old Maria sees her family break apart for good. Maria’s uncle becomes mentally ill, her grandfather’s drinking gets worse, her father and mother are breaking up and her grandmother works two shifts at the factory in order to save whatever there is to save.

In her uncle’s world, the sun whines, trees talk and butterflies mourn their short existence in the world. When an ambulance once again comes for her uncle, Maria is sad. She doesn’t understand why Uncle must leave again.

Once the evil light fades, the rain comes and the butterflies scream their fears away. Summer has ended.

Documentary Comrade, where are you today?

In 1988, I moved to East Germany to study at an international school of higher education. This Marxist-leninist educational institution was closed the following year when Germany was united. My class was the last in the forty-year history of the school.

Today, twenty-two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I leave for a trip across Europe, Chile, Nicaragua and Bolivia, Lebanon and South Africa. Where are my former classmates now and have they changed with the world?

Comrade, where are you today?

Kirsi Marie Liimatainen worked at the Saari Residence from January to February 2012.

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Gaby Peters

Gaby Peters

Sculptor, videoartist
The Well and its stories: Concentrating on the people and the surroundings of the Saari Residence and refocusing on my work

When you stir your rice pudding […] the spoonful of jam spreads itself round making red trails […]. But if you stir backwards, the jam will not come together again. Indeed, the pudding does not notice and continues to turn pink just as before. Do you think this is odd?“ from: Tom Stoppard: Arcadia

As in this quote, my work is only at a first glance about movement, mainly however it deals with the logical seeming illogicality of a Tom Stoppard or a Lewis Carrol. I create sculptural installations and work with video. After my State Exam in Art and English Literature at the Kunsthochschule Mainz, Germany I got my Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art in 2010. After my studies, I moved back to Germany and am now living and working in the Künstlerhaus Dortmund, an artist-run, non-profit space for contemporary and experimental art.

I am coming to the Saari Residence to find a place where I am able to fully concentrate and focus again on my artwork. I am planning to work on a series of sketches and technical drawings for my next installations and to finish two new video pieces. In addition to my work, I am looking forward very much to walking the woods and lake areas near Saari and to meeting the people in and around Saari Residence – to working inside its own particular world of stories.

Gaby Peters worked at the Saari Residence from January to February 2012.

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Heli Tamminen

Heli Tamminen

Screenwriting for a film

to know how to pass
the enclosed grazing grounds
to follow the erased,
the lull, roaring wild

what a burdensome boat,
herded by a wind
unaccustomed still

I am presently writing the script for a feature film. The story is set in a withering coastal town, where lonely children search for the line between reality and fairytale.

Heli Tamminen worked at the Saari Residence from January to February 2012.

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Kaija Anttonen

Kaija Anttonen

Editing and translation into Finnish of an anthology of Sámi poetry

I am a translator and live in Karasjoki, Northern Norway. I have worked as a freelance translator for 30 years; I started out in the capital region but have spent the past 25 years first in Lapland and now, more recently, in Northern Norway.

I have translated literature into both Finnish and English from several languages and so my working languages are Finnish, Sámi, English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. I have, for example, translated into Finnish Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero, Susan Griffin’s Woman and Nature, and most recently, Sámi poet Rose-Marie Huuva’s Galbma rádna (“cold companion”). In addition to fiction, I have also translated a wide variety of expository texts: everything from UN reports to plain language books, legal texts and movie subtitles. In fact, in addition to literature, movies are also close to my heart and so I have helped organize the indigenous peoples’ film festival Skábmagovat – Reflections of Endless Night in Inari each year of its 15-year existence.

Here at the Saari Residence, my intention is to edit and translate into Finnish an anthology of Sámi poetry because Finnish translations of Sámi poetry are an extremely rare treat.

Kaija Anttonen worked at the Saari Residence from March to April 2012.

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Katja Koukkula & Jussi Väänänen

Katja Koukkula & Jussi Väänänen

Dancer-choreographers, dance teachers
Creating the choreography for a new dance performance and discovering new movement material

We are a dancer-choreographer couple. Eighteen years ago, we began our joint career as competitive ballroom dancers. In 2005, after retiring from our 12-year competitive career, we wanted to continue dancing in a different environment and with new ambitions and so, the transition to theatre was a natural and necessary solution. We are currently fascinated by the expressive potential of on-stage partner dance and are on an extremely interesting expedition to find a new identity for partner dance in the dance art world.

At the Saari Residence, we are working on our new duet called AFTERTASTE, commissioned by and premièring at the 2012 Pyhäjärvi Full Moon Dance Festival. We will be creating new material, sketching an outline for the structure and nature of the performance, and utilizing both old and new work methods in order to discover a fresh perspective for working on the performance. Momentary help will be provided by choreographer Jaakko Toivonen who, as director/dramaturge/counterforce and armed with tough questions and demands, will help us to be more profound and versatile, and will prevent us from falling back on solutions too familiar or too easy.

Katja Koukkula & Jussi Väänänen worked at the Saari Residence from March to April 2012.

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Petri Kaverma

Petri Kaverma

Visual artist
Doctoral dissertation on the birth of comprehensiveness and epiphany in installation art

I am a visual artist and during my residency, I intend to (somewhat) finish the written portion of my doctoral dissertation at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. I see the opus as being independent, a work of art in itself (which is probably exactly how everyone else like me thinks).

I will impose the work entirely myself. This way I intend to achieve dialogue between picture and text.

The connection, tuning, dialogue are slow to form but my work has convinced me that this is the only way to make a doctoral dissertation based upon artistic work and expression. Also, it is endlessly inspirational and interesting. Not always.

I read a lot and prefer fiction because novels balance out other texts and help to liven my thoughts, language and writing. I especially like the works of J.M Coetzee, W.G. Sebald, Paul Auster, Annie Proulx, Georges Perec, Jorge Luis Borges, Alberto Moravia, Jose Saramago, and Samuel Beckett. I watch a great deal of movies and gladly listen to minimalistic and noise-free music.

Petri Kaverma worked at the Saari Residence from March to April 2012.

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Tuula Mehtonen

Tuula Mehtonen

Movie editor
Writing of a popular work that maps the expression of structurally atypical and artistically high-quality modern film

I am Tuula Mehtonen (born 1953), a movie editor. I live in Karkkila but work mostly in Helsinki and Espoo. I currently mostly edit documentaries but am very interested in all film expression.

In 1996–2007, I was in charge of the specialization area of film editing at the Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. I have also taught editing and film narration at film schools in Norway and the Baltic region as well as at a yearly international workshop in Burma.

At the Saari Residence, I will be studying, and writing a book about, the structure and expression of modern film. As an editor, I consider important not only the emotional effects that occur within the audience when viewing a film but also the methods through which the film’s creators construct these effects. I am particularly interested in films that are not classically structured and in which a weak plot is displaced by a strong emotional charge.

I want to base my writing on my professional experience and to do so without academic burdens. In this way, I hope to introduce a film maker’s perspective to film writing.

Tuula Mehtonen worked at the Saari Residence from March to April 2012.

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Harri Nordell

Harri Nordell

Planning and writing of an independent poetry work

I am a poet (born 1956) living in Parainen in the Turku Archipelago. Here a tthe Saari Residence, I am writing my sixth poetry collection. Already after this first week, I have noticed that my work flows easily here. Right now, in the synopsis phase of my collection, I have decided to write a section of haikus. Maybe ten of them. The other poems of the collection are free of strict syllable counts.

Critics have found it hard to specify a genre for my poems. The most common definitions are minimalist, modernist, surrealist, romanticist. Lately, my translators, for example, have categorized me as “nordellist.” Funny people.

By Finnish standards, my collections are published exceptionally far apart. An average of five or six years. My poems simply brew over time. Verses often find their way into the same poem at various different ages. I have only written a few poems in one sitting.

My poems have been translated into Italian, Spanish, French, English, and Swedish.

For more information:

Harri Nordell worked at the Saari Residence from March to April 2012.

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Suvi Oskala

Suvi Oskala

Master of Music
Composition of new solo material for the performances “Klaustrofunktionalismi” (claustrofunctionalism) and “Harmaa” (grey) as well as for a second solo album

In 2010, Suvi Oskala graduated a Master of Music from the Folk Music Department at the Sibelius Academy with fiddle and singing as her majors. Oskala is a multifaceted performer who is at home with both classical music and traditional folk music. In addition to working on various stage performances, Oskala plays in several bands: Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala, Pelios and Avertere, to name a few.

In her music, Suvi Oskala creates new, surprising tone colour with both the fiddle and her singing. In fact, the combination of these two instruments is at the core of Oskala’s artistic work. Oskala is also a strong performer and so, at her concerts, music is born, ignited and lives in the moment. Indeed, Oskala combines free improvisation with material she has composed over the years, and is able, in this way, to achieve forever changing and rejuvenating musical material for her performances.

Suvi Oskala’s first solo album was published in February 2012 and features material composed in 2004–2011. Percussionist Oskari Lehtonen is also featured on the album, which is produced by composer-performance artist Masi Tiitta with whom Oskala has worked on several projects since 2006. In addition to her vocals, Suvi Oskala’s instruments include a five-string fiddle, Violina, built and designed by Swedish violin maker Per Klinga and a small thumb piano called Marjatta.

During her stay at the Saari Residence, Suvi Oskala will be composing new solo material for both her upcoming solo album and her performance Klaustrofunktionalismi, which is due to première in the spring of 2013.

More information:

Suvi Oskala worked at the Saari Residence from March to April 2012.

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Susken Rosenthal

Susken Rosenthal

Master of Arts
Walk-in-space-splitters: A site-specific installation work on the theme of environment and perception based on a research of the surrounding elements like landscape, architecture and social aspects

During may stay in the Saari Residence I plan to work on new concepts for installations about perception and space. I want to integrate visual elements from the surrounding like landscape, nature, architecture and Finnish culture as part of the artistic research. As a result of this process I would like to build one public site-specific installation inside or nearby the Saari Residence.

Susken Rosenthal worked at the Saari Residence from March to April 2012.

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Annu Wilenius

Annu Wilenius

Master of Arts (two separete degrees)
Semi-Detached Ger with a Garden – experiencing self, community and environment through urbanizing Mongolia (artistic research)

I am working on my doctoral dissertation at Aalto University’s Department of Art under the heading Semi-Detached Ger with a Garden – experiencing self, community and environment through urbanizing Mongolia. As a research project, this has meant realizing three extensive exhibition exchange projects in co-operation with Central European and Mongolian artists. We made our first trips to Mongolia already in 2005-2006 and our first big group exhibition, Mongolia: Perception and Utopia, was arranged in 2008 at the Kerava Art Museum in collaboration with Pirkko Siitari and Saara Hacklin. In addition to trips to Mongolia, the second project, Bare House, is the result of two residencies, one in Pori, Finland and the other in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The exhibitions were held in 2010 at Pori Art Museum and Pori’s Puuvilla, as well as at the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Art in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. A book+DVD publication is available of both the Mongolia: Perception and Utopia exhibition and the Bare House exhibition in Pori.

Now, during my residency at the Saari Residence, I am editing a publication of the Bare House exhibition in Ulaanbaatar. It will consist of material documenting the exhibition and its construction as well as of an extensive photography essay of the city of Ulaanbaatar where I spent six months in 2011. I am also writing an essay for the publication under the working title of At the Building Site in which I ponder the shaping of not only the city and the exhibitions but of identity as well. Once this work is done, I hope to still have time to begin the written portion of my dissertation.

Annu Wilenius worked at the Saari Residence from March to April 2012.

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Milla Virtanen & the work group

Kuva: Milla Virtanen ja työryhmä

Preparation of a international dance / animation piece

Preparation for an international dance theatre/animation performance.

At the Saari Residence, we will be working on a dance theatre performance called Volière.

The performance incorporates physical theatre, dance and animation art.

Three women from Finland, France and the Ivory Coast perform on a stage wired with anticipation. The performance is about bottled energy and about exploring the self. In addition to our stay at the Saari Residence, the preparation of our performance also benefited from a three week residency period in Schloss Bröllin in Germany. Volièrepremiers on June 14th, 2012 at Cultural Center Valve in Oulu.


Milla Virtanen
Leevi Lehtinen
Elodie Morard, France
Aurélie Camil, Ivory Coast

Milla Virtanen & the work group worked at the Saari Residence in summer 2012.

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Hildegard Projekt work group

Hildegard Project © Pia Bartsch

Artistic work


In the case of the artist group Hildegard Projekt, an essential part of the content of their works is found within both the process of creation and a combination of extensive collaboration and a location-bound work method. The basic idea of the Hildegard Projekt is to use the works of all contributing artists as material for a shared work of art that is created for a specific place and shown only once. This method means that individual works of art become a part of an artistic process, a composition of space and time. In this way, the group investigates the problematics of individuality and commonality during the shaping of the work.

At the Residence, the group will consider the kinds of works that could be formed by including the dimension of sound. They will also invite artists working with experimental sound expression to lecture, participate in discussions and head a sound workshop. The possibilities of sound expression as well as the situations it prompts are not only a new challenge for the group but one that the Hildegard Projekt will tackle during their residency together with the Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts.

Hildegard Projekt work group worked at the Saari Residence in summer 2012.

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MeNaiset -group


Artistic work

For almost twenty years, the MeNaiset ensemble has studied and performed Finnish and Finno-Ugric traditional song. The MeNaiset singers also create new music through both composition and improvisation. At the Saari Residence, the ensemble will be composing and practicing a new performance comprised of Finnish folk poetry and Finno-Ugric ritual songs. The performance will première at the Seurasaari Soi! folk music festival on August 9th, 2012 at the Shaman’s Haven of the Kalevala in Seurasaari. In 2013, the ensemble will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new concert tour, which will also be founded upon folk and ritual songs.

The MeNaiset ensemble includes six singers all of whom also perform as soloist and most of whom also work as researchers and pedagogues. The ensemble has also released three albums.

The MeNaiset is:

Eila Hartikainen
Maari Kallberg
Anneli Kont-Rahtola
Sirkka Kosonen
Anna-Kaisa Liedes
Outi Pulkkinen

MeNaiset -group worked at the Saari Residence in the summer of 2012.

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Kuvataideakatemian mestarikurssi

Kuvataideakatemian mestarikurssi

To support the internationalization of the students of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts under the internationally recognized top artist

The Masterclass project is the product of Kuvataideakatemian Ystävät ry., an association dedicated to supporting the work of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. The Masterclass achieves this end by offering a selected group of students the opportunity for an intensive study period under the leadership of internationally renowned artists.

The Masterclass held at the Saari Residence in June 2012 was the second of its kind. Students of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Samppa Törmälehto, Riku Mäkinen, Diana Sorna Hernandez, Antti Nyyssölä, Karl Ceder, Emma Ainala and Johannes Heikkilä attended this first Masterclass, which was directed by one of Sweden’s most influential artist Ernst Billgren (born in 1957 in Stockholm).

The Masterclass was held at the Saari Residence in June 2012.

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Young Women Playwrights around the Baltic Sea -project

Adelfa Agency

Artistic work

The Young Women Playwrights around the Baltic Sea project brings together young female playwrights, directors, actors and one composer, all from the Baltic region. At the Saari Residence this June, we will be rehearsing a reader’s theatre event which will focus on new Nordic, Baltic and Russian theatre texts and will be performed in August at the 9thWomen Playwrights’ International Conference in Stockholm. We will also be discussing women’s status in theatre, the significance of language in a globalized world and ponder the more general question of being understood.

We wish to improve our professional skills and showcase our collaborative efforts. We want to be seen and heard. Our big day is on August 17 th 2012 at Södra teatern!

The group worked at the Saari Residence in summer 2012.

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Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis 2012 © Pia Bartsch

Artistic work

Quo Vadis worked at the Saari Residence in summer 2012.

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Nordic Puppet Ambassadors -work group

Nordic puppet ambassadors_pia_bartsch

The Human Lab

The members of our first joint project include Nordic puppet artists Sif Jessen Hymøller from Denmark, Sigriður Sunna Reynisdóttir from Iceland, and Linda Lemmetty, Aapo Repo and Outi Sippola from Finland.

During our two-week stay at the Saari Residence, we will be concentrating on creating and rehearsing a performance entitled The Human Lab. The paintings of Michael Kvium serve as the starting point for our performance. Puppeteering, dance and physical theatre combine in our collage-esque work to explore the essence of being human. The performance premiered in November, 2012 in Mikkeli.

Nordic Puppet Ambassadors -work group worked at the Saari Residence in the summer of 2012.

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Runokohtauksia © Pia Bartsch

Translation into Finnish of poems by “new Finns”

The task at hand is to translate into Finnish the texts of some of Turku’s “new Finns.” Working together with the authors, Tommi Parkko, Terhi Hannula, Juha Kulmala and Esa Hirvonen will be translating the poems in groups, some of which will also include a cultural coach. The original languages of the poems include Persian, Spanish, Russian, Kurdish and Italian, and their authors include Shahla Ezadi, Ainhoa González, Andrei Karpin, Galina Inkeroinen, Chiman Karim, Nzar Kwestani and Diana Mistera.

This translation work is part of a larger project (Runokohtauksia, 2011–2013) which aims to support professional writing, organize performances and establish permanent contacts between immigrant and Finnish poets.

Where do the imagery of poems written in different languages find common ground? Will new ways of writing emerge? How do new authors and these types of projects develop the Finnish literary field?

The process will result in the publishing of an anthology which is the product of these types of linguistic encounters.

Runokohtauksia worked at the Saari Residence in the summer of 2012.

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Kinetic Orchestra

Kinetic Orchestra 2012 © Pirre Naukkarinen

Artistic work

Choreography work and rehearsal for an upcoming kinetic dance performance, including creating its soundscape and looking into necessary video techniques.

Kinetic Orchestra is a modern dance group from Helsinki. The aim of the group is to produce modern dance performances that are unique in style and to play our part in the development of Finnish and European modern dance. Kinetic Orchestra was founded in 2010 and is led by Choreographer Jarkko Mandelin. Kinetic Orchestra is the partner of the artist collective Taideosuuskunta Apinatarha with whom we share a production crew.

Our long-term objective is to acquire a shared space with Taideosuuskunta Apinatarha and to create the operational preconditions for sustained work in modern dance.

Kinetic Orchestra combines the techniques of various different dance styles with circus and dance theatre. The group revolves around our training squad which consists of nine dancers. The objective of the training squad is to learn to master things that require longer commitment than the normal rehearsal period of a dance performance allows.

At the Saari Residence, we will be working on our performance A Game of Three, which will premier this fall, and also try to discover new ideas for the upcoming season. We hope to be inspired by the atmosphere of Saari Residence and each other’s company.

Kinetic Orchestra worked at the Saari Residence in the summer of 2012.

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Artistic work

This is a poem I would love to see: chopping up the poems of Saila Susiluoto, chipping away at them and eventually mulling them into a performance entitled Yksi kuuma päivä muiden joukossa (“One Hot Day Among Others”).

The group’s performances are based on humanity, an investigative take and the point where the mundane and the sublime meet. We take our performances to different places for different people to experience. The members of Ryhmä3 are Henna Hakkarainen, Susanna Metsistö and Sami Nieminen.

At the Saari Residence in August 2012, we will be practicing a performance based on the poems of Saila Susiluoto for its Helsinki premier in October. In the production Ohuiden lankojen varassa (”Hanging by a Thin Thread”), we investigate how and where the concise language of poems and the spoken language of theatre meet. How do poems form a story? How does analysis or coincidence create a new world, event or picture? How does a poem become a performance?

Ryhmä3 worked at the Saari Residence in summer 2012.

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Anne Breymann

Anne Breymann

Animation filmmaker, artist, puppet builder
Scriptwriting and puppet building for an animated short film

My work is populated by creatures which come alive in miniature worlds. I make animated films, build puppets for various projects and create diorama photographs of imaginary sceneries.

I’m based in Berlin where I´m part of the artist collective Zyklopik.

During my stay at the Saari Residence I will work on an experimental animated short film about (multiple) identity and masquerade.

I’m planning to develop the script and storyboard, and build puppets for stop motion animation.

Anne Breymann worked at the Saari Residence in September and October 2012.

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Dirk Huelstrunk

Dirk Huelstrunk © Gabi Schaffner

Writer, soundpoet, audio artist

Intuitive sound art transformation, exploring sound-differences and translation strategies as a poetical means, working with incompatibility & misunderstanding and researching sound poetry in Finland

Intuitive sound art transformations

HuelsTrunk is a soundpoet, spoken word poet, writer, minimalist, creative writing teacher and curator of art/poetry events from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Influences range from Dada, Surrealists, Fluxus, Beatpoets to Pop and modern electronic sound-poetry.

He frequently collaborates with artists & musicians and is founder of the improvising jazz-poetry performance project SOUNDS LIKE POETRY? Since 2011 collaboration with finnish performance artist Juha Valkeapää as JIRK.

HuelsTrunk has performed live all over Germany, many European countries and the US. He is giving lectures and workshops on performance poetry at schools and universities and Goethe Institute. He is also one of the pioneers of the Poetry Slam Movement in Germany, organizing Poetry Slam, Spoken Word events and Festivals since 1996.

Being a sound poet I am fascinated by the pure sound of Finnish, quite far from my native German tongue & I am very interested to enlarge my sound vocabulary.

During my stay at Saari I would like to continue and further develop my concept ofintuitive sound art transformation that evolved during my work with performance artist Juha Valkeapää from Helsinki in 2011.

The aim of intuitive sound art transformation is not to provide another tool for accurate text translation from one (written) language to another. It rather focuses on the poetic process of transformation, creating something new in the gap between two languages, two people, between different genres, between artist and recipient, etc. I cannot not deny the fact that understanding is sometimes impossible. Misunderstanding is always possible but necessary to ferment the transformation process.

In Saari I would like to experiment with the sound possibilities of Finnish and German Language and to continue the collaborative work with Juha Valkeapää, concentrating on soundpieces about bodyparts and body function, aiming at a series of live performances in Finland and Germany.

Further I would like to develop these ideas into a radio play (working title: Übersetzungsmaschine/Translating Machine) translating one bodypart/bodyfunction into another.

During my stay in Saari I would like to research about the finnish Soundpoetry Scene, that is rather unknown of in Germany and would like to exchange ideas and collaborate.

Networking is a crucial and integrative part of my Art.

Dirk Huelstrunk worked at the Saari Residence in September and October 2012.

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Milla Koistinen

Milla Koistinen © Sven Hagolani

MA Dance
Work on a new dance piece

At the Saari Residence, I will be working on my next group piece which is a continuation of Lacuna, a performance that premiered in June 2012. The piece is based on texts by the German author W. G. Sebald. His novels provide both the starting point and the theme to the piece. They are journeys in time and in space, and discuss memory and memory’s effect on construing reality. The purpose of the residency period is to deepen both my choreographic thinking as well as the themes of the piece, and to work on material for the work group’s future rehearsals.

On Sunday 7 October 2012, Koistinen hosted an open rehearsal at Kutomo in Turku where the public was be able to get a glimpse of the making of the piece.

Milla Koistinen graduated from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki in 2004 with an MA in dance and from Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch” Berlin / HZT in 2012 with an MA in choreography. She has worked with Kristian Smeds, Hiroaki Umeda, Peter Verhelst (NTGent/Johan Simons), Heddy Maalem, Christine Gaigg and Hans van den Broeck, among others. Her works have been performed in Berlin, Leverkusen, Helsinki, Oulu and Hebron. In the summer of 2012, Koistinen was a danceWEB scholarship recipient at the ImPuls Tanz festival in Vienna

Milla Koistinen worked at the Saari Residence in September and October 2012.

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Riikka Mäkikoskela

Riikka Mäkikoskela © Maileena Tuokko

MA, sculptor

Artistic work

In my opinion, artistic working is thinking by doing and often by questioning. As a sculptor I’m interested in real, concrete experiences in the specific space and time. I’m usually seeking for alternative ways of being, acting and living. For me the choice of the material and the way of using it are significant, because they both may carry meanings, in a conceptual way, too.

My experiences of three dimensional art making constitute the base for my doctoral research, on which I work during the Saari Residence. My aim is to focus on maker’s point of view, as I’m examining phenomenologically the process of three dimensional art making. While pursuing art works, I’m reflecting my practice on the research question: are you able to work before you have an intuition of the image, or is it possible to have any shape before you’ve realized it?

Riikka Mäkikoskela worked at the Saari Residence in September and October 2012.

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Marion Maisano & Martina Marti

Martina Marti & Marion Maisano

Designer-dramaturg and director-writer
Double Life: Developing a performance concept and writing the script

Marion Maisano and Martina Marti are founding members of the performance group Gnab Collective. Marion takes the role of designer-dramaturg, Martina the one of director-writer. They are both from Switzerland, Marion lives in Berlin, Martina in Helsinki.

The aim of our residency is to develop the Gnab Collective’s trilogie about desicions and performance concept of the second part Double Life.

The project is inspired by the film The Double Life of Veronica by the Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski. Like in our previous projects the film serves as a starting point rather than a text that is to be brought to the stage. With Double Life we want to explore the decision between two possible plans of life.

The work method we will apply at the residency consists of four parts. They should not be seen as phases that follow each other chronologically but rather as methodological units that take place at the same time and repeatedly: discussions, workshops, individual work and work demos involving other residents.

Marion Maisano and Martina Marti worked at the Saari Residence in September and October 2012.

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Tsuji Takafumi

Tsuji Takafumi

Research for the nature and background of the culture in Finland

The main research will focus on Finland’s relationship with its nature.

By trying to learn their perspectives on their surroundings and comparing it to that of Japan. I hope to discover a new way of looking at the nature,and based on this discovery I would like to make a new series of works.

Tsuji Takafumi worked at the Saari Residence in September and October 2012.

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Bill Burns

Bill Burns.


My Life in the Artworld: A publication and installation project that conflates Veblen economics with art, nature and resource economies

Bill Burns’ work about art, nature and civil society has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam the Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul Korea, the in ICA London and the KW in Berlin. He has participated in bienials at Havana Cuba and Ushuai, Argentina. He recent books include Three Books and an Audio CD about Plants and Animals and War (Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Cologne, 2011) and Dogs and Boats and Airplanes told in the form of Ivan the Terrible(Space Poetry, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011).

He is currently the artistic director of the Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Children’s Choirin Toronto.

“The project I am working on at Saari is a book. The book takes the form of a memoir of drawings about my life in the art world. My concerns are with the industrialization of art, the ubiquity of the avant-garde and the crises this creates for artistic production. It also asks us to take a close look at the situations and institutions where we work.“

Bill Burns worked at the Saari Residence in November and December 2012.

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Karin Pennanen & Hanna Ojala

Karin Pennanen & Hanna Ojala

Film director and theatre director
Script writing for the movie Making Of (working title)

We form a partnership: a movie director and a theatre director connected through script writing. During our residence, our goal is to write a movie script for Making Of (working title).

The central themes of the movie include the loss of adulthood/authority, narcissism as a social state of mind and the anger incited by an absent parent. The movie also deals with perfomative violence.

The structure of the movie is fragmentary and includes shifts in perspective, flashbacks and material filmed by the characters themselves. This is the puzzle we are piecing together at the Saari Residence. By doing research together and creating a world we have both come to know, we have laid the groundwork for our endeavour. We will be writing the first version of the movie.

Karin Pennanen & Hanna Ojala worked at the Saari Residence in November and December 2012.

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Essi Kausalainen

Essi Kausalainen

Performance and visual artist (MA)
Working on a solo performance series as well as on producing video material

This past autumn, I have been paying particular attention to the practices surrounding my works – to their form and the processes associated with their creation – and I have decided to explore new forms of expression. At the Saari Residence, my intention is to continue this process on a concrete level: I am sketching the outlines for a new performance and filming video material for a future private exhibition. I have no particular plans regarding filming as they fluctuate from day to day. I hope to get my work flowing at the Residence and to produce something new and surprising as a result.

Essi Kausalainen worked at the Saari Residence in November and December 2012.

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Ulrike Möschel

Ulrike Möschel

Visual Artist
Developing a film with the lights in the street, the light in the landsscape

Ulrike Möschel (born in 1972) is a German sculptor. She lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“I plan to develop my drawings, sculpture and film; and let myself be inspired by the Finnish landscape. I am interested in winter time Finland and its lights (reflections in the the snow for example) in the landscape.

My work is primarily about my surroundings, what I see in everyday-life. At the Saari Residence I will first explore the surrounding: What new things will I see? I will do a great deal of walking: along the streets, between the houses, to the beach….

I have a special relationship with the night. In wintertime it becomes dark early in Finland.

Darkness is a part of everyday-life, so I am interested in this phenomenon. What does it do to me? How do other people react towards the darkness?

In the past fourteen years I’ve made many art-works dealing with light and dark, especially video works. I am sure in this new situation I can continue working on this theme. I have never connected themes of light in my work to nature. Until now, I’ve focused on light bulbs and lamps, so I hope that this aspect of my work can expand at the Saari Residence.”

Ulrike Möschel worked at the Saari Residence in November and December 2012.

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Saija Nojonen

Saija Nojonen

MA (Theatre and Drama)
Planning the visualization of the performance Klaustrofunktionalismi (“claustrofunctionalism,” working title) as well as its realization using recycled material

I have an MA in Lighting Design (Theatre Academy, 2011) and am a trained carpenter (Turku Vocational Institute, 2003).

At the Saari Residence, I will be working on the production design for a dance piece with the working title Claustrofunctionalism. During my residency, I will be designing and making recycled furniture from discarded wood materials that I have collected from the dump and from various renovation sites.

The lifecycle of set pieces is short in modern Finnish theatre and the ecological footprint large. My intention is to turn this fact on its head by using abandoned wood materials and by making objects that will be auctioned after the performance has run.

Modern dance is often characterized by a lot of empty space that is staged primarily with lights. The spaces of our everyday lives, however, are often full of objects and so, I am interested in how dance and physicalness are impacted by a space filled with furniture.

The furniture I will make at the Saari Residence can be seen in the finished performance at the beginning of April 2013 in Helsinki.

For more information about my work, visit

Saija Nojonen worked at the Saari Residence in November and December 2012.

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Katriina Ranne

Katriina Ranne by Denis Vinokur

Translator, Ph.D. (University of London)
Editing work on a collection of African poetry translated into Finnish as well as on her own poetry collection

Katriina Ranne (born 1981) is an author and translator of poetry from Noormarkku, Finland. She has published a novel, Minä, sisareni (Nemo, 2010) and translated poems from Swahili, English and Norwegian for various literary publications. Ranne has also taught Swahili and Swahili literature at the University of London, where she also received her Ph.D. in the spring of 2011.

At the Saari Residence, Ranne will be working on two collections of poetry. Her main focus for the past years, an anthology of African poetry, contains two hundred poems chosen and translated into Finnish by Ranne herself. They are originally from thirty African countries south of the Sahara and from seven different source languages. The other work under construction is her first own collection of poetry.

Ranne has also been in residency programs in Sysmä, Gotland, Berlin and Iceland. Ranne is looking forward to good conversations, intensive work with words, skating, swimming, sauna and the beauty of nature at the Saari Residence.

Katriina Ranne worked at the Saari Residence in November and December 2012.

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Iida Rauma

Iida Rauma

Writing a novel

My first novel Katoamisten kirja (Gummerrus 2011) was published when I was 26-years-old and some of my short stories have also been published in several anthologies. I have studied political history, political science, gender studies and creative writing at the University of Turku.

In my writing, I am interested in violence and sexuality in their various different forms. I am particularly interested in violence associated with different normalizing practices.

I am currently working on two novels. I will be working on them both at the Saari Residence but will be focusing on a novel situated in the 1940s, which I   hope will receive inspiration from the manor’s historical surroundings. In fact, my mother’s family is from Mynämäki and the Mietoinen region and the idea for the novel came from their history.

Iida Rauma worked at the Saari Residence in November and December 2012.

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Maarit Suomi-Väänänen

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen

Master of Arts
Outlining, script writing and preliminary work on the third part of a trilogy inspecting cinematic special effects

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen works as a media artist and a film director. Her work also includes photography and installations. Praised as fascinating, absurd and open to a multitude of interpretations, Suomi-Väänänen’s awarded works have appeared in exhibitions, at festivals and on television in thirty-five countries. Making movies began at Turku Arts Academy. At the Saari Residence, Suomi-Väänänen will be working on movies in different stages of production.

Suomi-Väänänen is currently working on an experimental comedy about the animal in us. In the final part of the trilogy, Suomi-Väänänen inspects the inner space of people by means of cinematic special effects, which include explosions, smoke, stunt driving, fake snow and fake blood. The first parts to the trilogy are Jalkeilla Taas (2009) and Pöheikön Hönkä (2012). The mundane has somehow been dislocated in the film trilogy by Suomi-Väänänen.

At the Saari Residence, Suomi-Väänänen will also be editing a series entitledMinispektaakkelit: “minispectacles” are minute-long works, cinematic haikus.

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen worked at the Saari Residence in November and December 2012.



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