Selecting the evaluator of the application

Review of applications is based on peer review. The applicant must select which artistic field they want the expert assessing their application to represent.

A maximum of two selections can be made, but please note that the applications will generally be assessed by the applicant’s first choice of expert.

The application will be evaluated by a wide-ranging expert in the artistic field that you choose as option 1.

In multidisciplinary applications, more than one evaluator from different art fields may assess the application if it is essential for the application. You must state and explain why this would be necessary in your application.

The processing of applications is based on peer review. The reviewers are specialists in the relevant field or sub-discipline under which the application has been collocated, and they have the necessary experience to assess applications. There is usually just one reviewer per application. This way we can choose more interesting projects than when there are many reviewers who might have to compromise. The roster of peer reviewers usually changes each year in order to guarantee a diversity of views.

We do not publish the names of the evaluators, since we wish to allow and encourage the anonymous evaluators and peer reviewers to make bold funding suggestions.

Evaluators come from the following fields:

  • Audio-visual arts
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Performing arts
  • Visual arts

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