Required attachments

All required attachments should be uploaded to the online grant service the Online Application Service and attached to the application as PDFs. The maximum size for one file is 6 mb. Please select the file type from the drop-down menu on the online application form.

  • Before submitting your application, check which attachments are required for your application.
  • The work plan, curriculum vitae and portfolio are used to evaluate the applicant’s artistic merits as well as how likely the applicant will be to complete the project.
  • Applications or supporting materials received after the deadline (31st March at 16:00 Finnish time EET) cannot and will not be considered.
  • The only exception are degree diplomas and permissions for the public defence of academic dissertations that have been awarded after the deadline. They can be sent to the Saari Residence by 15 April via the online grant service.
  • Applicants may also inform the Foundation about funding they have received from other sources using the online grant service.
  • If a file exceeds the limit (6 MB), you can split it into more than one file.
  • You may also provide a link to a webpage, video platform or other online portfolio or demonstration of your work. Select the file type from the drop-down menu on the online application form.
  • Please note. We do not accept attachments sent by mail or email.


Individual residency

  • Work plan (max. 4 pages)
  • CV or equivalent
  • Portfolio

Group residency

  • Work plan (max. 6 pages)
  • CV(s) or equivalent
  • Portfolio including examples of work
  • Budget



The purpose of the project proposal or work plan is to describe the applicant’s primary goals and how the applicant intends to accomplish those goals during their stay at the Saari Residence.

The goal can be artwork or, more generally, artistic work and development of the artistic process. The project proposal may also include, for example, a description of working methods and a rough schedule.

An effective project proposal should answer the questions “Why?”, “How?”, “When?”, “Who?” and, if applicable, “With whom?”. The work plan should be one to four pages in length. If you are applying to the Saari Home Residency, explain what your artistic work will entail/include during the home residency.

If the applicant is a workgroup, the role of each member of the group in the project should be indicated in the project proposal. The length should be more than one but fewer than six pages.

The proposal should include:

  • The aims and objectives of the project
  • A description of the working methods
  • The names of participants and possible partners


The purpose of a CV is to provide a concise overview of the applicant’s training, experience and artistic merits. It should include significant exhibitions, performances, residencies, work assignments, grants and awards, as well as publications and other noteworthy accomplishments. The appropriate length for a CV is two to four pages.


A portfolio should display the applicant’s merits in their field of art and present an impression of the person or workgroup as an artist. The portfolio provides examples and evidence of the applicant’s form of expression, the quality of their artistic thought processes, know-how and special skills. In addition to samples of the applicant’s art, a portfolio may include articles, reviews and links regarding the applicant’s art.

For writers, the sample can also be text (three to five pages), and for non-Finnish writers it should be in English (translated if needed).

The portfolio can be submitted as a PDF, or you can compile it on your own website and include the link in your application.


Please provide a breakdown of your project budget and travel costs (support for travels is for workgroups from Global South only). It is important to estimate costs reasonably and as accurately as possible in the budget. Other possible sources of funding must also be mentioned. Even if only a portion of the funding of a project is being applied for, the cost estimate for the entire project must be presented as accurately as possible in the budget. Other possible sources of funding must also be mentioned. Even if only a portion of the funding of a project is being applied for, the cost estimate for the entire project must be presented.

If the workgroup is applying for support for ecological travel, it can be included into the same document. Please explain for whom, how, according to what schedule (i.e., an itinerary), as well as any possible overnight stays in affordable accommodations.

In addition to a separate, detailed project budget, the budget must be outlined in the online application form.


You may apply for support for ecological travel if you are coming to Saari Residence from outside of Finland and travelling out of Finland when leaving. Please explain how and according to what schedule you are prepared to arrive at the Saari Residence (i.e., an itinerary), as well as any possible work grants and accommodation costs. If you are applying for support for ecological travel with your work partner, you can do that at the same time. If you are applying for a work grant for your journey, explain how you will be working while travelling.

See itinerary example from here.


Applicants may include a copy of their most recent degree certificate or diploma or of any certificate that is relevant to the grant they are applying for.

There is no need to have the copy stamped by a notary public.

All supporting attachments should be sent with the application before the deadline.

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