Living and working at the Saari Residence

The Saari Residence is located in countryside, in dispersed settlement. The closest bigger town is about 30 minutes away by car or bus, and sometimes the peace and seclusion can come as a surprise for the arriving Saari Fellows.

The Saari Residence is an old manor house and its main building is situated in the middle of a lush, green park, surrounded by fields and a small forest. The fields are cultivated, and forest is maintained and some of the areas are being pastured during the summertime. The 2-acre park is also maintained and cared for. Occasionally, the old buildings need to be maintained and renovated and this – alongside the previously mentioned actions – will enliven the manor’s everyday life. The main building will under renovation until the summer 2022 and the happening will be focused at the Barn during that time. During the weekdays, the renovation will cause some disturbance during weekdays. The main building is under renovation because of problems with the indoor air.

Individual residents are provided with a workspace and an apartment including a communal or regular kitchen or a kitchenette, shower and toilet. The apartment is equipped with kitchenware, bedding, towels and toilet paper. Each apartment has a wired internet connection (optical fibre). NOTE! There is no wireless network (WiFi or Wlan) at the Saari Residence. Each apartment has an ethernet cable, and the residence has certain amount of different adapters for connecting ethernet cables for RJ45 cables.

In the case of group residencies, one to three people stay in one apartment, depending on the size of the group.

The Saari Residence decides how the facilities are used and how they are distributed. There are a limited number of workspaces, and they will be appointed according to primary needs and the provided workplan. Each workspace has an Internet connection (Ethernet). Due to safety reasons, we require that anyone granted the woodwork shop is trained in the use of machinery and attend a separate briefing before beginning work. The shop can used only when there are staff members present at the residence.

At the Barn, there is a shared kitchen and laundry room (including laundry detergent) for all the residents. The manor’s sauna is available all year round. We recommend coordinating turns for as many users as possible when heating the sauna.

Bicycles are available for use at the Saari Residence. It is also possible to borrow two electric bikes. The residence has also an electric car that can be used upon separate written agreement (weekly shopping). In case the coronavirus situation requires, the groceries will be done with online services.

The residents must notify the staff when they are absent from the manor in case of an emergency.

The Saari Residence is not held responsible for any damage, negligance or losses for the resident, other residents, or third parties and arising from a resident’s work.


Safe working environment

We welcome people of all genders, abilities, cultures, and sexualities in the residence. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, like for instance racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist comments, sexual harassment or bullying. We do not tolerate violence, vandalism or any other harmful acts.

If at any time you are made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please report to a Saari Team member immediately.



rtists work at the residence with their own equipment and materials. Some equipment is available for residents to use or borrow during their residency. In the Barn is a shared computer (iMac) and printer/scanner. There are two projectors and screens that you can borrow for your work. Also, we have one tripod: a SLIK Pro 400DX with a Pan-and-Tilt Head and video head.

If you have special needs or wishes regarding your working at Saari (e.g., workspaces or contacts for nearby communities), please contact us before your residency period. As far as possible, we may be able to prepare for them before your arrival. Also, if your work requires special materials, art products or other accessories, and you need help finding and buying them in Finland, please contact us before your residency period begins.



We have a communal space in the center of Mynämäki called Saareke. Saareke can host demos or exhibitions of works by residents at the Saari Residence. The space is mainly used by the Saari Community Artist. If you wish to use the facility, please contact us in advance. Also at Saareke, the COVID-19 procedures are followed.



One of our smallest apartments is dog friendly. Your dog is warmly welcome to Saari, but this needs to be agreed upon before your arrival. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cats at the residence.

The dog must be able to spend time alone in the apartment, as for allergy reasons, dogs must not be taken to the communal areas, workspaces or other apartments.

Dog faeces must be picked up in the park, and male dogs must be prevented from marking their territory in the vicinity of the buildings. Out of doors, the law requires that the dog must always be kept on a lead. “A dog may not be kept unleashed on someone else’s land without the permission of the landowner or the holder of the hunting right.” There may be other people in the area who are afraid of dogs. Please note that there are e.g. snakes (during warmer periods), deer, European hares, foxes and raccoon dogs in the area. During the warmer times, there are many birds nesting in the area.

When walking your dog, please note that Saari Residence is located next to a nature reserve and that there are cows and sheep in the nearby fields in the summer. Please also note that the fields are not subject to public access rights, also known as everyman’s rights, and are therefore out of bounds.


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