Kuva: Jussi Virkkumaa

We are happy to share information about alumni openings, book releases, radio or TV
performances or anything else you’d like to inform us about. Please also keep us up to
date with your news.

Before your arrival, please also provide us with a short introduction for our webpage about what you intend to do during your residency. We will use the material in our communications and on social media.

Previous Saari Fellows in our website:

When sharing information on your project on social media, use the hashtag #SaariResidence and tag the Saari Residence (@saariresidence) to show that you
are one of the artists that have worked at Saari.

If you mention your project at Saari on social media, please use following hashtags:
#SaariResidence #SaariFellow #LifeInSaari #ArtistInResidence

Twitter: @saariresidence
Instagram: saariresidence

As well, after your residency period, remember to join the Saari Residence’s alumni
group on Facebook (Saari Alumni News) and use the hashtag #SaariAlumni.

You can suggest a text for the Boldness Blog to describe your project on our website. Submit a text of up to 5,000 characters with a title, lead paragraph and possible intermediate headers, and at least one image, to which you have rights, for the Saari’s communications. You can also agree on the publication schedule of the text with our residency coordinator before you start writing.