Neighbourhizome artist group worked at the Lauttasaari manor during its renovation. Photo: Heljä Franssila

The doors of the Lauttasaari Manor are opened with a diverse programme aimed at audiences of different kinds. Kone Foundation aims to make the manor a welcoming space of fascinating encounters and multidisciplinary interaction in the fields of art and science. The manor offers workspace for the Foundation’s grant recipients and serves as a venue for a variety of events, such as discussions, exhibitions and concerts. The events are designed to present to the public the work of our grant recipients in particular – researchers, artists and other bold makers. Art and science programmes are also organised in Café Puhuri, located in the manor’s courtyard.

The manor was opened to the public on the 8th of June 2018 with the summer event Peek inside the manor.


The manor’s art programme began with Neighbourhizome’s work even before its opening

Building links with the neighbourhood in Lauttasaari started well ahead of time even before the Foundation moved into the manor. Once again, contemporary art was one of the means of building the connections. In September 2017, the Neighbourhizome (Naapurihmasto) group of three artists – Heini Aho, Leena Kela and Eero Yli-Vakkuri – began working as the Lauttasaari Manor’s artists in residence, though without a workspace of their own.

The aim of the group was to promote the interaction of Kone Foundation and Lauttasaari residents, introduce contemporary art to the local community and develop the future residency programme of the manor. The group organised two discussions in Lauttasaari and participated in the Lauttasaari Day event where it sought partners and premises. At the manor’s roofwetting party, Neighbourhizome delighted the audience with a performance, after which the group retired to its weekend-long residence in a private apartment it had rented in Lauttasaari. Naapurihmasto continued its work until June 2018.