We believe in encounters and in crossing boundaries. As a foundation, we cooperate with various organisations, implementing joint projects and organising events on topics that are important to us.


Our cooperation with the  IHME Contemporary Art Festival aims at bold encounters. IHME is produced by Pro Arte Foundation Finland. We are committed to providing IHME with EUR 300,000 in annual funding between 2015 and 2019. The cooperation between Kone Foundation and Pro Arte Foundation Finland supports the operations of both foundations.

Pro Arte Foundation Finland promotes art as an important part of people’s daily lives. Its purpose is to strengthen the position of the visual arts, improve their accessibility, increase their visibility and further develop their audience relationship. Pro Arte Finland Foundation produces the annual IHME Contemporary Art Festival, which includes a work of art created by an internationally recognised artist for a public space as well as discussions and art education projects related to the work.

Executive Director Anna Talasniemi represents Kone Foundation on the Board of Directors of Pro Arte Foundation Finland.

The Science Forum

The Science Forum is an interdisciplinary event for the general public where researchers from different fields extensively discuss science, research and the opportunities offered by science. The event is organised every other year, in January in Helsinki, with related events in other towns. Admission is free. The Science Forum is one of the oldest regularly held science events in Europe.

We have been involved in organising the event since 2013, particularly the Science in Kamppi event at the Kamppi shopping centre. The Science in Kamppi event was organised for the second time in 2015, covering a wider area than before. In 2015, it involved researchers looking at everyday objects from new and surprising angles.

Forum for Environmental Information

Forum for Environmental Information, founded in June 2010, aims at advancing the transfer of timely environmental information and at increasing interaction between the producers and users of information. The main objective is to support national policy making, keeping in mind the global significance of environmental problems. Kone Foundation has provided funding for the Forum since 2014 in cooperation with the Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation.

Other co-operation

We are always pleased to organise events in cooperation with other organisations on topics that are important to us. In such events, we have brought film-makers and researchers together in cooperation with the Tampere Film Festival, organised events on multilingualism in cooperation with the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and brought together researchers from Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation and Kone Foundation to learn more about research communication.



We are a member of the Council of Finnish Foundations (COFF).

The COFF coordinates cooperation between grant-providing foundations and funds, and its members comply with the Best Practice for Foundations.

Kalle Korhonen, Kone Foundation’s director of research funding, has been a member of the COFF Board of Directors since November 2014.

Kone Foundation is a member of the European Foundation Centre (EFC), an international umbrella organisation for foundations and corporate funders.