Foundation Well

From the beginning of year 2014 we have organised Kaivo gatherings in the Kone Foundation Helsinki office. The aim of the gatherings is to bring people together and share thoughts on various topics.

Saari Well is a concept that has been very successful within the Saari Residence and we wanted to bring the experience to the other Kone Foundation functions as well. The forms of the gatherings outside the residence vary: some are by invitation only, some are open for all, some are guided and some are totally free in form. The key point is that all join the conversation as equals and bring along their expertise.

In the spring 2015 we had a housewarming party in our new premises, Chamber. Chamber is reserved for our grant recipients, and we use it for our own occasions as well. We look forward developing Chamber into an inspiring place, where grant recipients and other experts can meet in Kaivo gatherings.

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