Progress report and final report

All our grantees must submit a final report on their project. The grantees who have been awarded funding for a multiyear grant must submit an annual interim report using the online service.
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The grantees who have been awarded funding for a multiyear grant  must submit an annual interim report using the online service. The progress report must be submitted within a month of the end of each year of funding. The reporting period is from the start of the grant payment, not the start of the calendar year. Without a submitted progress report, grant payments cannot be continued. The project leader is responsible for the reporting of the organisations and working groups.

The progress report is sent in the online service. The report should not be mailed to the Foundation, and it does not need to include receipts. From the perspective of the Foundation, progress reports serve primarily as means to communicate with the grantee or a project’s working group and track its progress. For the grant recipient, it offers a good opportunity to increase the visibility of the project for interested target groups.

On the form, detail how you wish to increase the visibility of the project with a wider audience than your immediate professional circle or organisation. You can select one of the following options:

  • Think about what could be newsworthy about the project and write a press release. In publicising the press release, make use of the experts and channels of your umbrella organisation (e.g. University communications unit) or use your own distribution list.
  • Write an article or blog about the project and submit it to a public platform. The Kone Foundation grantees’ blog At the Well is one possible publication channel.
  • Organise a discussion or other public event (club, lecture, workshop) on the project or a theme closely connected to it. Invite people from outside your immediate circle to the event. The Kone Foundation Chamber can be used as a venue free of charge.
  • Offer to hold a presentation or join in a discussion as a debater or moderator at an event that is open for the general public and thematically related to your project and expertise (e.g. book fairs, Science Forum (Tieteen Päivät), SuomiAreena).
  • Contact another project funded by Kone Foundation and organise a meeting to share information on each other’s projects.
  • Film a video to YouTube on your project or a related topic. Share the video in social media. The video may also be a recording of a lecture. The video may be filmed with a camera phone. A podcast is also a good alternative if you or your work group have the know-how to produce and distribute one.
  • You can also describe the types of visibility your project has received so far. Visibility refers to articles and other content by project members or outsiders published in the media, public discussions and other events, and lectures and other public presentations.
  • You may also select some other way of increasing the visibility of the project. If you have doubts over whether your selected method is acceptable, you can contact the foundation office.


Final report

Please provide a final report within six months of the last grant payment. If the funding consists of other expenses only, please provide the final report within 18 months of the last payment. Please contact us if your project is still ongoing by the time you should submit the report. We can then agree on additional time for the final report.

The project leader is in charge of reporting for organisations and working groups.

A final report must be provided even if the funded project is only partially or not at all completed. Neglecting the obligation to send in a final report risks the possibilities of receiving grants in the future. We may also reclaim the grant.

By reporting, you let the funder know that grants have been used for the purposes they were awarded for. This is important in ensuring the fair treatment of grant applicants and recipients. Reports also provide us with key information on the impact of grants and can be used as a basis for developing them.

The report should be written and submitted using the online application service. You can log into the online service with the same credentials you used when drawing up the application.

The report should not be mailed to the foundation; it does not need to include receipts. In addition to the final report, we ask the recipients of grants for non-fiction writing to send a copy of any published books to the Kone Foundation office. The Lauttasaari manor residency and the Home recidency grant recipients also provide a final report in the online service within six months from the last grant payment.

Report for grants awarded in the general grant call:

Questions included in the online form for reporting the grant

  • Description, summary (general overview of the work done during the grant project)
  • How well were the set goals achieved?
  • What went well, what kind of problems did you come across?
  • How was the funding used (including other expenses)?
  • What were the good qualities and downsides of this grant funding?
  • Did you also recieve funding from other sources for your project?
  • List of publications published within the grant period?
  • General feedback for Kone Foundation?

Online grant service

Please submit your or your workgroup’s/community’s payment requests, requests for change and reports through the online grant service. Final reports for already completed projects must also be submitted through the online service.

Please log in the online grants service here.