Grant recipients’ frequently asked questions

Photo: Joel Haapamäki

How are the other expenses paid?

The project leader submits the request and account info to which other expenses will be paid. This is often a project account, an organisation’s account or a private individual’s account. If a request is made for the other expenses to be paid to a legal entity with a business ID, the payment request must include a business ID, reference number and the contact details of the entity.

Other expenses are primarily paid in one instalment per year, in which case they can be used throughout the year. If the other expenses will be paid to a university account, they can be paid in one instalment (for instance, in a multi-year project).


Am I allowed to work part-time on my personal monthly grant?

Our personal monthly grants are intended to be used for full-time work. If you have a full-time grant, you can work elsewhere max. 25% of of your total work time.

It is also possible to receive a smaller monthly grant (25%, 50% or 75% of the full grant) for part-time work. If you have received the grant in full (100%) and would like to change to a part-time grant, please state the reasons for the change in our online service.

The composition of my working group will change. What should I do?

The grant must be used for the purpose it has been awarded for. Changes to the grant are possible, but these must be confirmed well in advance with the Foundation. The project leader should submit a change request form in the  the online service for all bigger changes in the project.

I need a certificate of my grant.

In most cases, your grant approval letter is a valid certificate of the grant.

If the grant recipient requires proof of the payment of the grant, the project leader can download a PDF certificate from the online service on the Payment request page for each grantee (Account info > little PDF icon below ‘Monthly grant recipient’).

I am on sick leave. How does this affect my grant?

Please contact the Foundation office without delay and, if possible, suspend the payment of your grant in the online service. The grant will not be paid while the grantee is on sick leave. The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Maatalousyrittäjien eläkelaitos, MELA) provides grant recipients with e.g. Mela sickness allowance. Read more here.