Childrens’ library

Katarina Jungar, Faith Mkwesha, Ahmed Al-Nawas, Amina Maluka, Christopher Wessels. Photo: Aleksi Poutanen

In the Childrens’ Library Project, headed by the social scientist Katarina Jungar, the focus is on racialized childhood in Finland. The project members aim to transform it by using research and the arts.

“Many childrens’ book favourites repeat racist stereotypes. We want to think about stories in radically new ways. Our aim is to show that there are alternative and functional ways of living in a racialized society. We are motivated by the will to challenge the limits of our imagination”, Jungar says.


Assistant professor Katarina Jungar
PhD Faith Mkwesha
MA, artist, curator Christopher Wessels
MA, artist, curator Ahmed Al-Nawas
PhD Kattis Honkanen
MA (PhD in 2017) Pauline Hortelano
Adjunct professor Mia Österlund
Artist Tracey Rose

Camilla Hellberg-Mushonga (member of the memory group)
Amina Maluka (member of the memory group)
Marika Elmeranta (member of the memory group)

Katarina Jungar with her workgroup received EUR 474.000 grant in 2016 for their project The Childrens’ Library.