Advice for grantees during the coronavirus pandemic and changes in the spring programme

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of our grantees find themselves unable to go on with their projects as planned. We have gathered instructions for those whose project plans have been or will be affected by the pandemic. Further down you will also find a list of this spring’s cancelled events.
Photo: Joel Haapamäki

What should you do if the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting your grant project plan? We are aware that many of you now find yourselves unable to go on with your projects as planned and are forced to make changes – even if it means losing a huge amount of work. We understand very well the disappointment and worry you may be experiencing.

To address this critical situation, the Foundation will respond by being as flexible as possible. Grant payments will be issued normally, even though significant changes to project plans may be required due to the pandemic.

Please follow these instructions if your project plan is affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
• We request that all the participants in the project be paid as agreed, and no one is to be left without their fee due to the pandemic.
• If it is not possible to go on with your research or artistic work, you may consider adapting your plans to better suit the current situation. You may present us with an alternative plan for using your grant if the coronavirus pandemic prevents your project from being conducted according to the original plan. Please let us know about the changes in the online grants system.
• If you have lost travel, conference or production costs due to the pandemic, we recommend you contact the organisers to whom the payments were made to discuss alternatives with them. Please remember to use your insurance if you have coverage. Kone Foundation will not request repayment of the already issued grant payments if you are forced to cancel your journey, presentation or event, and if the costs of cancellation remain to be paid from your project budget. Please let us know about these costs in your interim or final report.
• If your grant project is affected by the pandemic, we will extend the period in which the grant may be used by 12 months. Please let us know if you wish to use this option.
• We recommend that you include all loss of income due to the pandemic.
• We ask you to make travel decisions as well as the decision about forthcoming events based on the emergency law authorised by the Finnish parliament or the guidelines set forth by public authorities in the country or countries of your destination. We recommend that you keep in mind that the coronavirus pandemic may not pass as quickly as current estimations predict.
• If you have a research project, you can contact Director of Research Funding Kalle Korhonen directly by email or mobile. For all practical matters, our grants team will help you:, +358 9 260 0617 (Mon-Thu from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.).


Kone Foundation’s and Saari Residence’s spring programme

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have cancelled most of our events until the end of April. Some of the programme will be organised online. All the public events organised by the Saari Manor have been cancelled until the end of May.

The following events will be organised online:
• Grant advice meetings until June: We will provide further information about the online portal for registered participants.
• The Totuuden rakennuspalikat talk with Minna Ruckenstein and Olli Sulopuisto on Wed., 25 March (in Finnish): online streaming and a podcast after the talk
• Peer mentoring mid-meeting on Wed., 29 April (for grantees): Will be arranged via Zoom; we will send a separate note to participants.
The following events are cancelled:
• Monthly guided tours at Lauttasaari Manor (19 March and 16 April)
• Moffice working days at Lauttasaari Manor for grantees (until June)
• Bold makers: Visions for unemployment (in Finnish, 23 April) will be rescheduled
• Totuuden rakennuspalikat talk (in Finnish, 6 May) will be rescheduled
• Open House at the Saari Residence (23 May)
• Night school events at Saareke, Mynämäki (25 March, 29 April and 13 May)

The “Tutki ja vaikuta” (“Have an impact with your research!”) communications training for grantees (in Finnish) on 13 May,  will be postponed. The monthly guided tour at Lauttasaari Manor (14 May), have not been cancelled. In addition, we have planned grant info sessions for May, and we hope to be able to host them. We will follow the situation closely and will provide an update in April.