Changes at Café Puhuri – a new entrepreneur will take over the café in January

From January onwards, new winds will be blowing at Kone Foundation’s Café Puhuri in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. The group currently running the café, Erikoisjoukko Oy, will divest its café business, and a new entrepreneur, will take over. We will publish the new collaborator before Christmas.
Kuva / Image: Tiina Leppä

Kone Foundation will continue its cooperation with Lyhty, the association behind Erikoisjoukko Oy, by offering workshops for disabled people. The Foundation’s personnel send their wholehearted thanks to the Erikoisjoukko and especially the super great people who led the café: Tiina Palonen, Show La Htoo Chi and Paavo Häyrynen – a huge thank you!

Puhuri’s current team will continue working at the café until Friday the 18th of December. Throughout December, the café will offer a cosy Christmas atmosphere and delicious Christmassy meals and treats. We look forward to seeing you at Puhuri before Christmas! Please remember to only visit the café when healthy, to wash your hands diligently and keep a safe distance to other customers.

A small renovation will take place in the café in early January, and the café will reopen in mid-January.