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Helsinki | 21.08.2019

Grant info

The Kone Foundation’s next grant application round will take place in September 2019. What do bold initiatives in art and research look like? How do you transfer your idea for a project onto paper? What are ecological encounters and how can one apply for funding for them? Our grant info on 21 August will provide grant applicants with tips on how to develop and formulate their ideas before applying.

Helsinki | 08.05.2019

Grant advice

Are you wondering if your research or artistic work would interest Kone Foundation? Would you like to discuss how your project is proceeding?

Helsinki | 03.05.2019

Moffice – a work day at the manor

Do you work at home or alone in a studio? Would you like to try working in a shared facility with others? Come and try out the Lauttasaari Manor’s Moffice Fridays – in addition to a work facility and net connection, we can offer coffee, tea and shared breaks!

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