Crossing borders

By crossing boundaries, we refer to lowering the barriers between various fields of research and the arts to an interdisciplinary approach, but also to the power of new combinations and to leaps into the unknown. below information about the interdisciplinary and other groundbreaking projects.

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Crossing borders | 30.08.2017

Dances with robots

The concept of humanity has always been inseparable from technology. The tools we use also determine how we experience the world and act in it as human beings, says Thomas Freundlich, who received a grant from Kone Foundation for creating a dance piece for dancer Minttu Pietilä and an industrial robot.

Crossing borders | 30.08.2017

Colour matters

The use of colours has social and political impacts that can easily be overlooked if we fail to really pay attention, says Docent Juha A. Vuori, Dr.Pol.Sc., who, with his team, is studying the use of colours in connection with security practices.

Crossing borders | 30.08.2017

What empowers young Muslims?

The approaches adopted in the debate about young Muslims are often problem-oriented. A different tack is chosen by Marja Tiilikainen and her team, who intend to study young people’s positive resources rather than their problems. Through participatory methods and art, she and researcher Adam Adam also aim to give young people a voice.

Crossing borders | 30.08.2017

Where modern art meets archaeology

The remnants of a transit camp that existed in the Hanko district of Tulliniemi from 1942 to 1944 were opened to the public in 2014. As part of his Poeettinen arkeologia (‘Poetic Archaeology’) project, photographer Japo Knuutila and his team have compiled an exhibition on the history of this German camp, called Deutsches Lager. Currently on display in the Exhibition Laboratory, the exhibition includes photographs, videos and objects found during excavations in the area.

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