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The foundation’s Boldness blog deals, as the name suggests, with being bold: we discuss the meaning of boldness, grant recipients talk about their projects and we also invite others, both friends and strangers, to contribute.


Boldness blog | 30.10.2018

An evaluator’s journey of exploration

What goes on in the evaluator's mind and what is the evaluator’s experience of the process? Read about the thoughts of one of the experts who assessed the applications in one particular field of art this autumn.

Boldness blog | 13.06.2018

From emergent to emerged: Ark of seeds and the planetary garden

Ark of Seeds (AOS) is a trans-disciplinary project, a series of wild-planted fields, as well as sculptural objects of varying dimension channeling collective management of natural resources in the form of a participatory art practice. Starting this June, the project, initiated by artist Egle Oddo, will be presented at Manifesta 12 in Palermo, Sicily.

Boldness blog | Long reads | 11.05.2018

A decade of IHME Festivals at the heart of creating and experiencing art

Held for the tenth time, the annual IHME Festival introduces a large-scale work by an internationally renowned contemporary artist on exhibit in a public space. The themes of the commissioned art work are opened for public discussion in the festival programme. Executive Director Paula Toppila discusses the meaning of a public space and the changes faced by the festival amidst its decennial celebrations.

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