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The foundation’s Boldness blog deals, as the name suggests, with being bold: we discuss the meaning of boldness, grant recipients talk about their projects and we also invite others, both friends and strangers, to contribute.


Boldness blog | 19.12.2019

Catalysti: Making visible and audible the work of transcultural artists in Finland

Since its foundation in 2013 Catalysti has produced more than forty art events driven by transcultural artists living and working in Finland, and Finnish artists with a transcultural background. Catalysti stands for diversity in the art and cultural field, aiming to shift and shake the borders between native and foreign in Finnish society. In this article, Paola Livorsi, Chairperson of Catalysti Association of Transcultural Artists ry, tells what kind of art events Catalysti has been working on during the past years.

Boldness blog | 03.10.2019

The PhosFATE project discusses phosphate and its effects on the Baltic Sea and Western Sahara

Mohamed Sleiman Labat, the artist-in residence at Lauttasaari Manor, is a poet and visual artist living in the Sahrawi refugee camps in the Hamada Desert. During his time in Helsinki, Sleiman Labat and Pekka Niskanen are working on their project PhosFATE. In this article, Sleiman Labat and Niskanen tell about the background of their project and what has been done this far.

Boldness blog | Saari Residence | 02.07.2019

An anonymous evaluator: The end result is not always an end in itself

One of the evaluators of the recent residency applications shares their thoughts on the process. How do you find the gems that will derive the most benefit from the residency and which projects have the potential for a lasting impact that will extend beyond the project itself?

Boldness blog | 23.05.2019

Relational Seeds Collections: the Weight of Public Care

Ark of Seeds (AOS) project creates living sculptures and performances with the aim to preserve and propagate vegetal biodiversity. This year Ark of Seeds participated in a conference about the role of seeds banks. Focusing on this experience, Egle Oddo reflects about the implications of collecting and growing seeds.

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