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Publics (Checkpoint Helsingin Tukiyhdistys ry) 10 800 € Jeanne van Heeswijk: 'Not Yet' – research for a public art project realized in Helsinki 2019–2020.

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Our cities are experiencing sudden and rapid growth. As they evolve, there is a major shift in their racial, social and economic demographics. Changes like these inevitably lead to shifts in political priorities determining the distribution of resources for community-based and social service organizations and initiatives. There is an immediate and imperative need for working within these realms to strengthen our networks, build organizational capacity, and secure additional resources. It has become necessary to fortify political influence and insure social justice for all is the foundation for all cities, including within the arts, and to made this a key priority for our futures. In our rapidly changing cities we must train ourselves to work collectively to imagine a future with complexity and care, both militant and empathic.

How to collectively shape the places we live and engage in deep cultural exchanges among different communities? How to get bring equality as central to decision-making and for it to be a basis of influence and responsibility within municipal processes of design, regulation, city planning, and policy making? These political questions are at the core of how people can live in the city.

In Helsinki, Jeanne will instigate and co-create a curriculum of “community learnings” through research, collaboration and public gatherings, culminating in texts, practice-based workshops and producing performative objects and scenarios.

How do we construct something according to our desires whilst transcending the individual and attaining the collective needs? This requires an inclusive process – with a steep learning curve that is initially full of political uncertainties for everyone involved. By bringing collective exercises together, we can build the foundation for a training program to prepares us to enter into new relationalities with one another and to engage in different forms of solidarity with each other.

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Kuukausiapurahan saajat: van Heeswijk Jeanne
Muut työryhmän jäsenet: van Heeswijk Jeanne

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Taidekoulu MAA 14 470 € Mohamed Sleiman Labat: PhosFATE group art project in Helsinki with the focus on phosphate that is creating eutrophication in in the Baltic Sea and dislocation of a Nomadic community in Africa

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The exhaustion and processing of finite resources such as phosphate is leading to some terrible consequences on humans as well as on the environment. Man made phosphate processing from agricultural activities ends up in the Baltic Sea in big loads, and is creating eutrophication; one of the biggest problems in the Baltic Sea. Thousands of miles away, a huge source of phosphate rock is located in the desert in the Northern west part of Africa and is causing the dislocation of a Nomadic community. It’s a story hardly known about in the news, but which actually has strong connections to food and agriculture in Europe. The art project is multilevel and the questions it encapsulates are manifold. It deals with Western Sahara, a source of phosphate rock, but also with environmental challenges, climate change and sea eutrophication caused by phosphate in the Baltic Sea. The project also highlights the impossibility of a nomadic lifestyle in Western Sahara, from which the Saharawis have fled to the Hamada Desert in Algeria. Morocco has occupied a large part of Western Sahara because of its interests in phosphate mines. Food, its ethics and ecology are key issues in Northern Europe. Food and its production are also political issues, affecting our understanding of justice. The Saharawis are nomadic but no nomadic lifestyle goes together with the state of refuge, as the Saharawis remain in the refugee camp, whose once temporary status has become permanent.

Mohamed Sleiman Labat: "As much as it is important for me to share the story of phosphate from my part of the world and its effects on my people’s fate, it’s also important for me to learn about the story of phosphate in different places. I see the pixel in front of me, you see the pixel in front of you, but we both need to see the bigger picture. I hope that the discussions in Helsinki will equip me with the understanding to take back with me to the desert to share with my community."

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Kuukausiapurahan saajat: Sleiman Labat Mohamed
Muut työryhmän jäsenet: Niskanen Pekka

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Anti-Racism Media Activist Alliance (ARMA)24 700 € Research and activism collaboration for creative uses of digital media, pedagogy and arts against racism in Finland. Afro-Brazilian journalist, filmmaker and activist Silvana Bahia

Afrobrasilialainen toimittaja, elokuvantekijä ja aktivisti Silvana Bahia on valittu Lauttasaaren kartanon ensimmäiseksi residenssivieraaksi. Keväällä 2019 toteutuvan residenssijaksonsa aikana Bahia tekee tiivistä yhteistyötä toimittaja Monica Gathuon ja tutkija Leonardo Custódion vetämän ARMAn (Anti-Racism Media Activist Alliance) kanssa.

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